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Monuments to Human Imperfection

Glenn Dasher: In Retrospection
Haley Gallery
March 15, 2018
- June 16, 2018

Glenn Dasher describes his work as surreal, playful, or iconoclastic “monuments” which present “pseudo-historical” statuary fragments within an altered/improbable conceptual context.

“They derive from my fascination with our basic human desire to immortalize ourselves; our singular/questionable acts of heroism, brilliance, triumph, or tragedy; to embody our memories in statuary and public structures, of bronze and stone; their origins and meaning inevitably corrupted, lost, or mystified by evolving contexts wrought by the inevitable passage of time, selective memory, or societal change,” he said.

Dasher attended the University of Georgia, earning a BFA in printmaking, painting, and sculpture in 1979. He earned an MFA in Sculpture from Indiana University in 1983 and since that time, he has earned his living as a sculpture professor.

In 1985, after teaching at Newberry College in South Carolina and at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, he began teaching sculpture and design in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. After a rewarding career of 35 years in academia, where he served eight years as Chair of the Department of Art and Art History and seven years as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at UAH, he has retired, happily working as a full-time artist at his studio in Union Hill, Ala.

Wood and bronze sculpture mimmicks a flying bird and is animated so that its wings open and close
Glenn Dasher, "Dada Vinci," 2008, bronze, steel, canvas, wood, found objects, 80" x 48" x 36"

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