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Past Exhibitions

Revisit these exhibitions that previously appeared at the Albany Museum of Art.

October 25, 2018 -

February 7, 2019

Books find new life as sculpture at the hands of Brooklyn artist Brian Dettmer. An exhibition of his work, Brian Dettmer: Selective Collective Memories,

October 18, 2018 -

February 2, 2019

Home, place and house are areas in which we strive to identify ourselves. We hope to understand our origins, family and history. Interiors are

June 28, 2018 -

September 29, 2018

Reflecting on the unique urban and rural communities of the Southland and the personalities who inhabit our landscape, these painters capture stories, moments and

June 14, 2018 -

August 25, 2018

Florence Samuels Prisant (1926-2018) was born, reared and educated in New York City. The daughter of an immigrant fashion designer, her artistic ability was

April 17, 2018 -

July 14, 2018

Time Time and a Half is an installation of new work by Georgia artist Justin Hodges at the Albany Museum of Art’s East Gallery.

March 15, 2018 -

June 16, 2018

Glenn Dasher describes his work as surreal, playful, or iconoclastic “monuments” which present “pseudo-historical” statuary fragments within an altered/improbable conceptual context. “They derive from

February 6, 2018 -

April 7, 2018

Images from the book Inspired Georgia are now on tour throughout the state. Each venue will serve as a host for these remarkable photographs

November 30, 2017 -

February 24, 2018

Throughout history, quilts have held an important and cherished place in our culture, particularly in the American South. Though the materials and techniques of

August 24, 2017 -

November 25, 2017

Although she is an artist living and working in the heart of New York, Katie Bacon has deep roots in Albany. Even before receiving

August 24, 2017 -

November 11, 2017

Norman Rockwell, an American icon, made a name for himself as the cover illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post from 1916 until 1963. His

August 24, 2017 -

October 28, 2017

Abigail Heuss is fascinated by jewelry and household items because they are objects of intimacy. She makes vessels, reliquaries, and jewelry because she wants

November 29, 2017 -

January 27, 2018

The female figure has been a subject genre in western art for three millennia. The Intaglio Figure is an exhibition of etchings executed in