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A Life Well Lived

Works by Alex Mixon
Hodges Gallery
April 1, 2019
- April 28, 2019

Artwork by Albany artist Alex Mixon, who passed away last November, is on display throughout the month of April at the Albany Museum of Art. Alex Mixon: A Life Well Lived is on exhibition in the Hodges Regional Gallery.

“From a very early age, Alex was enamored with creativity,” his wife, Taylor Paige Mixon, said. “He spent much of his time lying on his stomach in the middle of his grandparents’ living room floor, drawing and coloring. He enjoyed drawing original characters, comics, and cartoons from his favorite TV shows. That love for creating followed him throughout his lifetime.”

That life was tragically cut short. Mixon, 27, was fatally shot on Nov. 24, 2018, while working on his job as a delivery driver for Locos Grill & Pub. News reports said he was lured to a bogus address by the assailants. Six individuals—the youngest 15 years old—have been arrested in connection with the homicide. Five were indicted on murder charges and all six were indicted on street gang violations in connection with the crime.

“I feel like he was stolen from us,” Taylor Mixon said in a statement provided to the AMA for the exhibition. “But no one can ever take the enormous love and compassion that Alex embodied while he was here and continues to inspire today.”

Alex Mixon worked in a number of media, including graphic design, woodwork, charcoal drawings, screen printing, ceramics and acrylic painting. His artwork usually incorporates bright, vivid colors.

“He developed a unique and distinctive style that is immediately recognizable to those who know his work,” his wife said.
When she has been asked about the meaning behind her late husband’s artwork, Mixon said that while she thinks it has a spiritual and thought-provoking attitude, the rest should be up to the interpretation of the observer.

“Alex did influence others, and I have heard many people call him a teacher of sorts,” she said. “But he never was forceful in his teaching and he encouraged others to learn through direct experience. I don’t think it was his aim to sway people in any particular direction with his artwork.

“I want to allow it to speak for itself. I can say, though, that Alex’s work is largely an exploration in consciousness. When I look at his art, I see happiness, love, humor and, most obviously, color. Alex’s artwork is just as vibrant as him.”
Mixon said she feels it is her mission to carry on her husband’s legacy.

“In allowing me to have this platform through his beautiful art, I hope that I can spread that message to everyone I come into contact with,” she said. “I know that it’s what he would have wanted.”

Orange male figure holds an ankh and has heart on his chest and white rays radiating from his body
Alex Mixon, “Ankh,” acrylic on salvaged wood, 23.75” x 16.5”

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