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Parents: Thank you for joining us for our Toddler Takeover Tuesday online lesson! Go through this blog with your child.

Your child can lead you in the exploration of cool colors on this cool February morning. Let us know how they do by sending a photo to us HERE, or by tagging #AlbanyMuseumOfArt if you post your photo on Facebook! We’ll share on the AMA Facebook Page!

Hey, Friends!
Have you ever seen a color wheel before?
This is a color wheel!

How many of these colors can you name?

color wheel divides six colors in a pie chart

Great job! There is RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE! ​

Colors can make us feel so many different ways. Let’s think about how the weather outside feels right now on this chilly winter day. What colors can we match to how the chilly air makes us feel?

Let’s look at two pictures, can you tell me which one makes you feel more chilly?

Monet painting of people walking down a snowy street
Claude Monet, "Boulvard Saint Denis in Argenteuil in Winter"
Monet painting captures warm colors of sunset
Claude Monet, "Twilight, Venice"

I see… Blue, purple, green, and white the most in the first picture! Brrrr!

We call these colors “cool colors” because they look softer and are calming! We see these colors more on a chilly or snowy day. Do you like cool colors?

Chilly Collage Project time!

All you will need for your cool colors project is:

  • White paper (2)
  • Crayons/markers/paint…whatever you have!
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue stick/glue bottle/tape


Take a look at the colors you have… can you pick out which ones are cool colors?


On your white sheet of paper, color or paint the whole thing with cool colors you picked out!


Next, carefully use your scissors to cut up that paper into many different small shapes.


Arrange your shapes on your second sheet of paper however you like! Make them stick with little dabs of glue or tape.

Don’t forget to label your work, I will write “Annie’s Cool Winter Colors” on mine!

Ta da! Great job!