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AMA Hosts Professional Development Day for Teachers

The Workshop is 9 AM-3 PM on Oct 11

Art educators who teach classes from kindergarten through college can meet other educators to share ideas, participate in hands-on workshops, and build a support network at Art Ed. Connect, a professional development program at the Albany Museum of Art. The session is 9 am-3 pm on Wednesday, Oct 11.

“With tight budgets at schools resulting in reduced art education programs in many instances, art teachers can feel isolated, even from other teachers,” AMA Director of Education and Public Programming Annie Vanoteghem said. “But art teachers fulfill a vital need in education. Students who are exposed to art learn new ways of looking at things and develop critical thinking skills that help them succeed in other areas. It’s critical that we provide as much support for art educators as possible, and this series of professional development workshops demonstrates the commitment the Albany Museum of Art has in providing that support.”

Art Ed. Connect attendees will participate in discussions and hands-on workshops; discover new effective lesson plans; discuss classroom management and climate, tips, and tricks, and be inspired with innovative ideas to take back to their classrooms.

“Participants will start their day with yoga in the gallery and coffee,” Vanoteghem said. “The AMA will make a presentation on our role in the community, our commitment to educators and students, and explain the resources we have to offer. In addition to hands-on workshops, the sessions will connect teachers with GAEA (Georgia Art Educators Association), and they will practice Visual Thinking Strategies with gallery discussion, discuss time management in the classroom, and share the best methods for creating a student art show.”

One of the most beneficial parts of the workshop is when educators hear how others in their ranks have found success in the classroom. “It’s especially instructive to discover how an idea works under real-life classroom conditions,” she said.

Some of the sessions for the Oct 11 workshop are:

  • Cyanotype Workshop: Designed for secondary art teachers and presented by Albany State University professors Scott Marini and Ansley Simmons, this session will delve into the cyanotype’s historical context and participants will acquire the expertise needed to effectively incorporate it into their curriculum. This hands-on experience will enhance teaching methods and ignite students’ creativity. Cyanotype, one of the first photographic printing processes, now serves as an eco-friendly artistic medium, promoting interdisciplinary learning and fostering imagination in the classroom.
  • Creating Art From Discarded Objects: Participants will work with Artist Janine Sarti to cultivate creativity in the classroom without requiring teachers to spend from tight budgets.
  • Tim Burton-Style Self-Portraits: Led by Lee County High School art teacher, Megan Lisenby, this session will give participants a refreshing take on basic drawing skills that is sure to engage and excite students of all ages.

The cost to attend this professional development opportunity is $30 per educator. Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided. If a registrant’s school requires documentation or an invoice, contact Vanoteghem at the above email address.

Information may be found HERE.

A registration link may be found HERE.

“We work diligently to ensure these sessions are relevant, practical, and useful,” Vanoteghem said. “We also work to make this professional development day enjoyable, interesting, and engaging. Supporting the needs of art educators improves the experiences that students have in their classrooms, which, in turn, improves their overall academic performance. The effect the program has on both educators and their students is what makes it worthwhile.”

There are still a couple of timeslots available for educators who would like to make a presentation at the Oct 11 Art Ed. Connect session. Presenters do not pay the registration fee and receive compensation. They also are not required to bring their own supplies. A proposed presentation can be a hands-on lesson or demonstration, a presentation of research, a presentation of new ideas or resources, a physical activity/game, or a group discussion. Email proposals to Vanoteghem HERE.




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