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Hey Friends!

Good Afternoon and welcome back to another inspirational day with the Albany Museum of Art. Each day you get a chance to learn something new about what we do here, and, boy, do we have something exciting to talk about today!

There’s always something great going on here at AMA. Have you ever heard of installation art? It sounds confusing, but it is actually really cool!

Do you have cabinets or a sink in your kitchen? Well, guess what? somebody had to do the work of installing those objects in your kitchen. This means they knew how to build it and connect it to the space in your kitchen. Now when you go in there, you can turn on the faucet with no trouble.

Installation art works the same way!

Some artists make installation art. This means they go into a space and use it to create art that is made only for that space. If the the space changes, then the whole artwork changes, too! That’s awesome, because each time the installation is created it’s unique.

Install: To place something in a position or space so that it is ready to be used.

In the video above, you can see some art installations made by kids just like you! Remember, art installations can be made with any material you find. In this video, they use things like pipe cleaners and old paper towel rolls. The possibilities are endless.

Which one of these is your favorite?

Installation Artists

Toshiko Horiuchi

Have you ever been to Japan? Well, that is where Toshiko is from.

She makes very large crochet installations. Crocheting is sort of like knitting and it can be used to make almost anything.

Toshiko is different from other installation artists because her work doubles as a playground for kids wherever she builds them.

Would you like to play on one of these colorful creations? I know I would! At first, they were only to be looked at, but then a few kids asked her if they could jump on it, and she said yes!

Now she is known all around the world.

Artist Toshiko Horiuchi creates a colorful art installation by crocheting
Toshiko Horiuchi

Eli Saragoussi

This is Artist Eli Saragoussi, who has her own installation, titled Escape Plan, right here at the Albany Museum of Art.

She is a great artist who uses bright colors in all kinds of work. She does drawings, set design, and, of course, installations!

What bold colors can you find in her work? Do you like it? If you do, you should plan to come see her installation here at the AMA!

Otherworldly creatures and odd flora are beside a path that crosses an art gallery
Escape Plan
Self portrait of artist Elinor Saragoussi
Elinor Saragoussi

How to make an installation that good for the earth!

Did you know that Installation Art can help us do better at recycling? It can! You have probably recycled some paper or plastic before, but did you know that you can turn it into art and it can become something totally new? In the video above, watch as students use installation art as a way to help recycle things other students might just throw away.

Thank you for learning with us today!