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Steve Hinton & Friends

... From the Beginning
Haley Gallery
April 20, 2023
- August 12, 2023

The Albany Museum of Art has the pleasure to be a gathering place once again for the joyful and eclectic artworks of Steve Hinton. This exhibition will present an array of works made during his lifetime, as well as works created by friends of Steve and his wife, Bronwyn. This celebration of Steve’s work will give viewers the opportunity to step into a lifetime of creativity, friendships, and artistic collaborations.

The exhibition includes works by Steve, which are in the Haley Gallery; works by his friends, which are in the East Gallery, and works from the Hintons’ , which are in the upstairs McCormack Gallery. Steve Hinton & Friends … From the Beginning opened on April 20 and will continue through Aug 12, 2023.

The exhibition also will include audio-visual presentations on a screen in the Hodges Gallery. Featured will be music by Chip Epsten, The Method Actors, and Clyde (Edgerton) and the Rank Strangers; spoken word recordings by Edgerton and O. Victor Miller; the short film Tricks by Beaty Reynolds and Chris Graves, and two stop motion animation films, Landings and IGS Particles, by Lily Ericsson.

Steve is known for his rich use of color, and for his ability to capture the essence of his subjects—many of whom were his friends—on canvas. The viewer experiences the world through his eyes and perspective, whether it is a breathtaking South Georgia sunrise breaking through the branches of tall trees in the woods or a scene full of activity with friends enjoying a delightful afternoon in the water and onshore at a lakeside home.

He painted and drew what he loved: family, friends, parties, dogs, kids, Southern landscapes, and architecture…frequently all in the same artwork. There is a clever, whimsical foundation in his work that is playful and joyful at heart, offering a sly, subtle wink to the viewer from the artist.

A native of Chattanooga, Tenn., Steve earned an art history degree from Vanderbilt University in 1974. He and classmate Bronwyn married, and the couple moved to New York, where Steve painted and showed his work out of a Chelsea studio while working for Frank Macintosh and Peter Barton at Henri Bendel. The Hintons moved to Albany in 1982, where Steve worked at his family’s business before launching his career as a full-time professional artist in 1997. The 2002 Georgia Artist of the Year, Steve continued painting and drawing until his passing in February 2021.

As much as Steve has been an influence with his artwork, both he and Bronwyn have been integral supporters of the Albany Museum of Art throughout the years, serving in a number of critical capacities, and selflessly working at fundraisers and events. Steve, a lifetime member of the AMA Board of Trustees, also served for a period as interim director of the museum. In 2022, the Hintons were honored by the Friends of the AMA as AMA Treasures with a tribute video.

The Hintons’ deep involvement in the community did not stop with the museum. They have given generous support to numerous causes and organizations, and Steve was instrumental in bringing a Georgia Public Radio station to Albany.

Friends from both near and far have contributed to this exhibition. The Albany Museum of Art would like to thank each of the generous lenders for joining us in honoring this tremendous individual.

Steve Hinton, "Cypress Swamp," 1999, oil on canvas, on loan from Thomas Hinton.
People enjoy a sunny day in a Camilla, Ga. park
Steve Hinton, "Park Scene in Camilla," oil on canvas, on loan from the Prchal family.

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