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Social Graces: Mixed Media Journal Entries

Works by Katie Bacon
East Gallery
August 24, 2017
- November 25, 2017

Although she is an artist living and working in the heart of New York, Katie Bacon has deep roots in Albany. Even before receiving her BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Georgia, she was a practicing artist with solo and group exhibitions since youth.

Her work has been displayed throughout her home state and in NYC.

Katie is also a professional freelance makeup artist with over eight years of experience in production, editorial and bridal makeup.

The works in her exhibition are part of her unique style, combining photographs and traditional painting methods into collage. They are done in spirit of an Instagram image and her emotional response to living in NYC as a Southerner.

Social Graces is a personal collection of images that have been taken on an iPhone6 camera. The scenes depict personal experiences that are of emotional importance to the artist.

The photographs have been enlarged and printed onto thin photo paper. They are then cut down using an x-acto knife and arranged onto canvas. They are mounted using a matte medium and layers of acrylic paint is applied to enhance and seam up the photographs. Square canvases are used to mimic the social media platform, Instagram. This is a nod to the accessibility and current way of sharing personal and everyday experiences to a wide audience with a twist.

Beach-goers at Hilton Head island are shown reclining under umbrella
Katie Bacon, “Under the Umbrella in Hilton Head,” 2016, mixed media: photograph & acrylic, 36" x 36"

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