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Norman Rockwell: The Man Behind the Canvas

Haley Gallery
August 24, 2017
- November 11, 2017

Norman Rockwell, an American icon, made a name for himself as the cover illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post from 1916 until 1963. His popular depictions of everyday American life and culture delighted viewers for nearly five decades. Showing the American people that best version of themselves, Rockwell provided the nation a moral ideal to strive for every week. An intensely private person, Rockwell’s world was not open to significant public insight—until now.

Louis Lamone, a part-time photographer for Rockwell, built a relationship with the illustrator and captured candid images of his life. These are not carefully crafted images that reflect the humorous facade of Rockwell’s covers for the Saturday Evening Post, but they are glimpses into his genius, and insight to how the man ticked. This exhibition offers a brief glimpse into the private life of one of the most popular and most loved contemporary artists, no holds barred. The images reveal the humor, utility, wisdom and wit of a man who helped guide our nation through thick and thin with his art.

Norman Rockwell is pictured looking at his morrored reflection with small self portraits in front of him
Norman Rockwell photograph by Louis Lamone

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