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Elementary Students: Submit Drawings for Mural Project

Elementary Student Drawings Needed for Teen Art Board Mural project

Students May Submit Their Artwork Through Feb 27 to the Albany Museum of Art

Elementary school students can see the artwork they create preserved for generations to come by submitting drawings for a downtown Albany mural that will be painted this spring. The project is being led by the Albany Museum of Art Teen Art Board, a program that helps teens develop strong leadership skills.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for kids in our community,” Annie Vanoteghem, director of education and public programming for the AMA, said. “Imagine many years from now driving through downtown Albany and showing your own children art that you created as an elementary student that is part of a beautiful public art display.”

To keep the mural project on schedule, the AMA is asking that the drawings be submitted by Tuesday, Feb 27.

The mural is being designed by New York artist Ramiro Davaro-Comas, whose exhibition Familias was on display last fall at the AMA. He and his wife, Grace Lang, have been involved in several successful mural projects through Super-Stories, a non-profit arts education program that they created to facilitate community storytelling through public art, hands-on artmaking experiences, and partnerships with local artists and educators. Super-Stories has created murals at locations including Kington, N.Y.; Schenectady, N.Y.; Rutland, Vt.; Leeds, Mass.; and Albany, N.Y.

“This project is a way for tomorrow’s leaders to have a real impact today,” Vanoteghem said. “It is a mission aimed at revitalizing and destigmatizing downtown Albany through the sheer power of public art. The students on the Teen Art Board and the elementary school students who contribute artwork are doing something very visible and encouraging. They are using art as the focus for building a stronger, more unified community.”

The Teen Art Board conducted a mural drawing workshop for elementary school students in January at the AMA, and the drawings created at that workshop have been sent to Davaro-Comas. But more drawings are needed as the artist works on the project’s design, Vanoteghem said.

The student’s parent can drop the artwork off at the AMA front desk, or the image can be scanned or photographed and emailed to Vanoteghem HERE.

“All the submitted pieces will be scanned and sent directly to the artist, who is selecting the artworks that will be combined into a vibrant composition for local middle and high school students to paint,” Vanoteghem said.

She said students are welcome to submit multiple drawings to the project.

“The artwork should be unique, yet simple,” Vanoteghem said. “It should evoke a sense of joy, community, home, Southwest Georgia, inclusion. and a positive outlook for the future of our downtown area.”

Parents or teachers with questions may contact Vanoteghem HERE or by phone at 229.439.8400.

Examples of Super-Stories mural projects in other communities can be viewed at HERE.



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